• You First!
    You First!
  • Includes Group Fitness
    Includes Group Fitness
  • No Contracts!
    No Contracts!
  • From $8.99/week!
    From $8.99/week!
  • No Swipe-Cards!
    No Swipe-Cards!

FROM $8.99/wk !

AbsGym is an established, independent, family gym, set up in the heart of a Glenfield residential area surrounded by North Shore suburbs. The neighbourhood gym is in a very prominent position, upstairs in the old Georgie Pie building and we have plenty of parking!  You can enjoy your workout in the spacious 440m2 with panoramic windows not only providing awesome views, but also allowing in lots of natural light & fresh air. The next best thing to outdoors exercise without bringing an umbrella or applying sunscreen.. 

Here at AbsGym we use mostly Precor and Cybex equipment, imported from the U.S. There are free-weights, machines and a separate cardio equipment area. Hasslefree door entry using biometric fingerprint technology and several pricing options to suit everyones needs. 

We also offer on-site massage by Megan, our P.T, masseuse & kinesiologist, with emphasis on deep-tissue, sports and rehabilitation. 

SPECIALS:  https://www.facebook.com/AbsGymNZ

Testimonial: ....many gyms before, 3 to be exact. I always found after a few months I lose interest or motivation. At Abs, with the help of Andre & some other regular patrons, I find enough inspiration to push through fitness plateaus to always keep ahead & be the strongest version of myself.  This year I suffered a terrible sports injury. Andre devised a short training plan to strengthen my knee, & with the help of some physio, I was up & running 3 weeks before the doctors suggested recovery date! I’m usually the first one working out in the morning. I do weight training only. Theres enough weights & isolation machines for even the hardest of gainers.   Signing up to gym is the easy bit, going frequently is the challenge. Quite often, especially for people like my wife, finding time to workout is a major problem. AbsGym's extremely accommodating - my 3 year old's accompanied us on many an occasion. There's a huge classroom with a padded floor, perfect for kids to play about. Toys are welcome & Andre will even play a movie for them free of charge!!   Upon sign up Andre will devise a workout for you & discuss your diet. Whether your goals are weight-loss, muscle gain, or both, he's the man to talk to, this comes free as well.... Naaim (long-term member)

Open      6am–10pm      7days/wk      365/year!